Pets Day Out

The original Pets Day Out is back!!

Proudly presented by and @ssqpark

2 & 3 December 2017 at The Farm Scientia Square Park, Summarecon, Gading Serpong

Will brings you the last Pets Festivities in 2017 and the most fabulous Animal Festival and communities Gathering.

Performance by Erwin Soekamto, 2 Dec 2017

Counseling with Drh. Herisman Hernady Specialist Interest Dermatology, 2 Dec 2017

Performance by FREEYORK Pitbull Spring Pole & Freestyle, 3 Dec 2017

Meet and Greet with @brunotheadventurer, 3 Dec 2017

Join our games and win the most prized competition for your beloved pets:
1. Fashion show
2. Dog and Owner Kissing Competition
3. Dog Eating Competition
4. Autumn Dog Race
5. Obedience Challenge
6. Pet Dress Up in a Place Pageantry